Our members are involved with diverse projects across the realms of education, professionalisation, advocacy, paramedic well-being and scholarly activity, in addition to their contributions via publications and presentations. 

Our contributions include expert technical input, peer-review, editorial support, grant application, project management and organisational support. Here you will find a list of projects, grants and initiatives in which McNally Project members have been involved. You will also find details of awards that McNally Project members have been awarded. McNally Project members are highlighted in bold.

Ongoing collaborations/memberships

Canadian EMS Research Network – McNally Project member Dr. Walter Tavares is Co-Chair, Matthew Leyenaar is Paramedic-at-large, and Jason Buick is member-at-large member on the Executive Committee.

McNally Project members Ian Drennan and Jason Buick work with ILCOR on evidence appraisal for CPR guidelines (evaluate PICO questions, perform systematic reviews, grade the evidence and make guideline recommendations etc.)

Paramedics and Palliative Care: Bringing Vital Services to Canadians (Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and Canadian Partnership Against Cancer) National Spread Collaborative – McNally Project member Cheryl Cameron is a faculty member.

Canadian Paramedicine – McNally Project members Alan Batt, Dr. Walter Tavares, and Dr. Judah Goldstein are members of the Editorial Board.

International Paramedic Practice – McNally Project member Alan Batt is a member of the Editorial Board.

Irish Journal of Paramedicine – McNally Project member Alan Batt is Editor.

Ontario Community Paramedicine Secretariat – McNally Project member Matthew Leyenaar is Director of the Secretariat, while members Dr. Walter Tavares, Dr. Gina Agarwal, Rick Ferron, Alan Batt, Brent McLeod, and Joe Pedulla are involved at various levels in subcommittees and supporting provincial work.

CSA Group – McNally Project members Alan Batt and Matthew Leyenaar are technical committee members in the standards development process.

Grants and funding

Mausz, J. (Co-I). 2019. Unpacking the sociocultural characteristics of paramedic mental health. Funded by CIHR Catalyst grant, $100,000.

Batt, A.M. (PI), Lanos, C. (Co-I). 2018. Cardiac arrests in the Gulf Region: a scoping review. Funded by ZOLL Foundation, $6,500.

Knowledge translation

Atypical Heart Documentary, 2018. McNally Project member Cristina D’Alessandro is the host and voice of this documentary which explores the deadly disparity between male and female heart disease. https://www.storyhive.com/project/show/id/3899. Funded by a Telus Storyhive grant, $50,000.

Completed Projects

Women of Paramedicine Leadership Summit. 2019. McNally Project members Cheryl Cameron, and Angeline Abela were involved in the organisation of this event, which featured hands on workshops and inspiring speakers including McNally Project member Paige Mason. This one-day event facilitated opportunities for networking and mentorship, as well as investigated the opportunity to create a community of practice to support paramedics and their leadership journey across all roles of paramedicine. In collaboration with the Paramedic Pay It Forward Award, funded by the ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and the Status of Women, Alberta Government, $10,000.

Ontario Paramedic Association Paramedicine conference. 2019.  McNally Project members led by Dr. Walter Tavares, Director of Research for the OPA, partnered with the OPA to organise a research stream on Advancing Paramedicine Through Innovations in Education, which included invited speakers, abstract presentations (oral and poster), and panel discussions. McNally Project members Polly Ford-Jones, Justin Mausz, Mary Osinga and Alan Batt presented at the event.

PAC Paramedic Research Symposium. 2019. McNally Project members Cheryl Cameron and Alan Batt were involved in the organisation of this event, which included invited speaker Dr. Walter Tavares, abstract presentations (oral and poster), and round-table research discussions that were facilitated by several McNally Project members. Funded by the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, $5,000; Great Big Solutions/Comptracker, $1,000. Read the book of abstracts here.

Irish College of Paramedics Practitioner and Responder Wellbeing Symposium. 2019. Organised by McNally Project member Alan Batt. Funded by the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council, $10,500

Fanshawe College Paramedic Programs Research Day. 2019. McNally Project member Alan Batt led the organisation and delivery of this event where William Johnston and Chelsea Lanos were invited speakers. Ian Drennan also supported the event with students from Georgian College who completed research projects. Funded by Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation, $2,000.

Irish College of Paramedics Scientific Symposium. 2018. Organised by McNally Project member Alan Batt, featured Paige Mason and Cheryl Cameron as invited speakers. Funded by Critical Healthcare & Medilink Services, $3,500.

Batt, A.M. (Co-I). 2018. Paramedic student accuracy at ECG interpretation. Funded by Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation, $2,000.

Batt, A.M. (PI), Johnston, C.W. (Co-I). 2017. Anatomical model building project in paramedic education. Funded by Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation, $1,280.

Batt, A.M. (PI), Mason, P. (Co-I), Johnston, C.W. (Co-I). 2017. Evidence based practice in paramedic education. Funded by Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation and Fanshawe College School of Public Safety, $2,850.

Mason, P. (PI), Batt, A.M. (Co-I). 2016. FOAMems: engaging paramedics with free, online open-access education. Funded by Fanshawe College Centre for Research and Innovation, $1,000.