The Paramedics Connecting Through Applied Research (Paramedics CARe) conference aims to mobilize knowledge on the latest research in Canadian paramedicine and foster intersectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration between academic researchers, educators, provincial and municipal government, private small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that support paramedic practice, and the public through patient advocacy groups. Paramedic research in Canada, like Canadian paramedic practice, has experienced a significant transformation in recent years. While paramedics have been acquiring new responsibilities and roles beyond the traditional role of transporting patients to a primary health care centre for treatment, research in paramedicine has also evolved and is becoming increasingly intersectoral and transdisciplinary. Paramedics CARe brings together leading experts to discuss paramedicine from their respective disciplines and perspectives, share current trends in research, initiate a conversation on how these initiatives will impact the lives of Canadians, and explore ways to mobilize research knowledge more effectively for an intersectoral and transdisciplinary audience. 

Paramedics Connecting Through Applied Research (Paramedics CARe) conference