Dear colleagues,

Please accept this invitation to participate in an international research study aimed at identifying global research priorities for paramedicine. The first phase of this study will remain open until November 5th.

This will be achieved by a 3-phase online Delphi study involving paramedics (+ final year undergraduate students and graduate research students), academics, researchers, and medical directors (or those directly with research and evaluation) and system leaders.  We have undertaken a systematic literature review on all paramedicine-based research priority/agenda papers and are now ready to commence the study. 

You will be asked to answer 2 demographic questions and list the 5 most important research priorities for paramedicine.  This will take 5-8 mins in total. Please feel to distribute this through your professional networks, associations, societies, universities, ambulance services, social media groups etc. Attached is a more document with some additional information.

The link to the survey is here:

Global Research Priorities in Paramedicine – Study invite