There is a need to enhance our knowledge of neonatal resuscitation, as well as the efficacy of different interventions, and the quality of resuscitation, thus improving the quality of the evidence which forms the basis of neonatal resuscitation guidelines and perhaps, patient outcomes. The enhancement of resuscitation practice is relevant to all health care professionals involved in the care of newborns and is an essential step forward towards improving patient outcomes.

The CPS Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Steering Committee recognizes the importance and value of research as a vehicle to guide practice and advocates for the initiation and development of a program of neonatal resuscitation research. In this light, the Canadian NRP Steering Committee has created the following awards:

  • NRP Research Grant (up to $25,000 CDN)
  • NRP Emerging Investigator Award (up to $5,000 CDN)

The grants will be awarded based on merit.  These funds may be used to generate pilot data to allow the investigator to develop the basis for an application for independent research support through conventional granting mechanisms

Further info and application here:

Closing date January 7th 2022

NRP Research Grants