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The McNally Project for Paramedicine Research is an initiative rooted in community efforts to enhance research capabilities within the field of paramedicine. It serves as a collaborative hub for both established and emerging scholars, dedicated to enriching the body of literature related to paramedic practice and thereby fostering the growth of paramedic knowledge. Embracing diversity, our membership spans a spectrum of interests and research expertise, ensuring a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to the scientific inquiry and evidentiary practices in paramedicine. Our vision of success is to cultivate a dynamic environment where researchers from various backgrounds can engage in dialogue, hone their investigative skills, and collaboratively advance the field. Progress within the McNally Project is gauged by the increasing number of paramedic researchers who can independently contribute significant insights to both the operational framework and the scholarly discourse of paramedicine. This award represents a high honor for an emerging scholar in paramedicine: 

We define an emerging scholar as someone who exhibits the following. Candidates are not expected or obligated to meet ALL criteria to be consider for this award: 

  1. Relevance to Contemporary Issues: The scholar is addressing current challenges or opportunities in paramedicine, demonstrating an urgent and clear connection to the needs of the profession. 
  2. Potential for future contributions: The scholar demonstrates the potential for significant future contributions to their field through their research, teaching, or other professional scholarly activities or roles. 
  3. Rigor: The scholar’s work demonstrates a high level of rigor, and quality, using appropriate research or other related methods and techniques. 
  4. Impact: The scholar’s work demonstrates the potential for impact on their field, such as leading to new discoveries, changing practices or policies, introducing new approaches or tools, or advancing theoretical or conceptual frameworks. 
  5. Contributions: The scholar has a record of publication(s) in reputable academic journals and/or other venues, demonstrating their ability to communicate their research or contributions to the wider community. 
  6. Awards and recognition: The scholar may have received awards or recognition for their work, such as conference paper awards, grant awards, or other honors. 
  7. Collaboration: The scholar demonstrates effective collaboration with others, such as working with colleagues from different disciplines or institutions or involving stakeholders in their research. 
  8. Professional service: The scholar demonstrates a commitment to professional service, such as through serving on editorial boards, reviewing manuscripts, or serving on committees or boards of professional organizations.  


The scholar:  

  1. The scholar is in the early stages of their academic or professional career, typically before completing a PhD and/within 5 years of completing a master’s degree (if applicable).   
  2. Must be involved in paramedicine in Canada (e.g., holds or has held paramedicine credentials, is employed in a paramedic service or system supporting paramedicine) 

The contributions/activities: 

  1. Must have been conducted in Canada. 
  2. Must be relevant to paramedicine in Canada.   

Submission Criteria  

  1. A nomination letter (maximum 2 pages) speaking to the criteria listed above and providing examples where possible. Self-nominations will be accepted.  
  2. At least 1 example or sample (to a maximum of 5) of contributions / activities (e.g., publication, poster, certificate). Nominators can be creative in what to include.  
  3. Submission deadline: March 1, 2024.  
  4. Submissions can be made to:  
  5. Questions: Contact  


The recipient of this award will: 

  1. Receive a plaque clearly stating the official name and year of the award. 
  2. Be invited to an award ceremony attended to by peers and leaders in the paramedicine community.  
  3. Receive a profile feature on the McNally Project communication platforms and be presented in public announcements.   
  4. Be invited to speak to highlight their expertise and contributions. 
McNally Project Research Award – Emerging Scholar