Dear Mr. Lyle Blumhagen,

On behalf of the membership of the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research, we would like to offer our congratulations to you on your retirement and gratitude for your contribution to paramedicine in Canada.

Canadian Paramedicine magazine has offered researchers, academics, students, educators, services and paramedics a forum to share learnings, best practices and activities related to our profession for decades. It has documented the development of paramedicine in Canada and has served as an important capacity building vehicle for paramedics advancing their careers towards academia and research.

Numerous McNally Project members have had the privilege to serve on the editorial board or contribute work as authors. For many, the magazine has served as an important venue to support individual professional development and continuing education.

Thank you for your tremendous, long standing contribution to the profession of paramedicine in Canada.

On behalf of the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research,

Walter Tavares, ACP, PhD
McNally Project Scientist

Polly Ford-Jones, PCP, PhD
McNally Project Scientist

Alan Batt, CCP, PhD(c)
McNally Project Senior Fellow

Thank you Lyle and Canadian Paramedicine!